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Oddbodies is an award-winning independent production company (small but perfectly formed) specialising in creating original and compelling new work for film, theatre and visual arts


Oddbodies make darkly comic and beautifully colourful award winning films that have been screened at International Film Festivals both in the UK and in Europe…



Renowned for their physical invention and visual ingenuity, Oddbodies’ acclaimed theatre work has been seen all over the UK, in Europe, Canada and the USA…


Visual Arts

Oddbodies have been commissioned by National Organisations to create animations and installations that have been seen in diverse and unusual places…



Oddbodies have started making promotional viral videos for various events and activities and we are now available to create them for other companies and/or their agencies…


Latest from the blog…


lear image

We are very pleased to announce that there is a new Oddbodies’ theatre show in production!

It has been a long time coming. For many different reasons we’ve been unable to tour for a number of years and have been concentrating more on film and visual arts projects rather than theatre.

So it is thrilling to have the old team back in the rehearsal room and to be making new work at last. Very much in the vein of our highly successful tw0-handed RICHARD III this new production is a one-man KING LEAR.

Adapted and performed by Paul Morel and directed by John Mowat with all of Oddbodies’ trademark physical ingenuity and visual flair, this is an inventive, irreverent and highly accessible take on one of Shakespeare’s most brilliant plays.

Armed with only a drum, a guitar, a knife and a chair, the tragic trajectory of Lear’s demise is presented to you from the point of view of his long suffering and ever-loyal fool.

The bastard Edmund, haughty Goneril, poor deluded Gloucester, oily Oswald, sweet Cordelia, mad Tom – all the characters from this sad and sorry tale brought to glorious life before your very eyes.

Blindness, betrayal, delusion, deceit, love, loyalty, lust and greed –it’s all here in this fast paced, funny, poignant and ultimately heartbreaking production.

We will be having tryout performances in September and then hopefully touring nationally in early 2019. For more up-to-date information please join our Facebook group here or follow us on Twitter