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A Message From Dr Anna Solv…

Our Crowdfunder campaign has been tearing along, 80% funded already. Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far, we so appreciate it! To give the Campaign a boost and to gently remind those who intended to pledge but forgot to get round to it, we have made a couple of wee promos… here


In For A Penny…

We have launched a Crowdfunder Campaign to help fund our new film A Penny For Them… !   We have lots of great rewards to encourage you to support us – including playing  a VIKING in the film ! if you don’t fancy yourself in hessian, maybe you’d like a lovely limited edition print inspired


A Penny For Them…

We are in pre-production for a new project at last!  This waterfall is an still from a little promo film we have just made which will feature on our forthcoming Crowdfunder campaign… Back in February, we put in a little idea to the Phoenix Bursary scheme for a short film called A Penny For Them


Time passing…

Just looking over the website today making plans for a bit of updating, I was struck by the image we use on our workshop page. It is a photo of a very young Ruby taken by Tim Nunn for the BAC’s publicity material for our show The Rake’s Progress. I can’t remember exactly, but I think


Guerilla Ad making

Some months ago we were asked by the Arts Officer at West Devon Borough Council to give a little presentation to a gathering of local creative business folk on the subject of crowd funding.  One of the aspects of the campaign that attracted the most interest was the  little virals we’d made to promote our it. 


Writing, by hand…

When was the last time you got a letter from someone that had been written by hand? I can hardly remember, they come so infrequently these days. The only person I can think of who still communicates by the handwritten letter is our set designer Nick Watkinson.  Now Nick is a genius and therefore a


Theatre in film

Haven’t seen Joe Wright’s Anna Karenina yet, but am looking forward to it, in spite of (or rather because of) all the furore about the whole thing having been set in a theatre… This is certainly not the first film to use this idea, and oddly enough we’ve watched a number of old films recently


Stories From The Stone Forest…

Some years back, ACE SW gave us a small research & development grant to explore a project we called  Stories From The Stone Forest -  something which we’d described in our funding application as being ‘a multi-disciplinary work exploring Dartmoor life’.  As it turned out, the project took us on a bit of journey we never

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