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‘Diary of a Madman’ – all episodes finally up

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 20.03.51Well today the final episode of our web series based on Gogol’s Diary of a Madman has finally gone up. It’s been quite an experience putting something out everyday for 20 days. Time consuming, frustrating, at times even disappointing.  But we are glad we’ve done it and have been rewarded with some amazing and reaffirming feedback from both friends and complete strangers. Very often people watch films on line and don’t really bother to respond. But so many people have taken the trouble to email, phone, Facebook or text us to let us know how bowled over they are with Paul’s incredible performance and how much they have enjoyed the whole production.

It’s an odd, sometimes very isolating process to make work in this way. With theatre you create a show,  put it in front of an audience and get an immediate response – it’s a two way process. Not so with film, unless you are watching alongside your audience you have no idea how they are responding to the work. Sending the Madman out has felt at times like shooting in the dark, you never really know if you are scoring a hit.

I have found myself checking our Mailchimp reports to see exactly who is reading the mailouts, who is clicking on the links, who is actually taking the time to engage with the project.  It’s always interesting to analyse these figures – sometimes it’s the most unlikely people who have become your staunchest supporters and those you assume will be avidly watching are not even bothering to open the emails!

Ultimately, we are glad we’ve done it. We are immensely proud of this piece – it’s an incredibly moving story and we feel gratified that so many of the people who have watched it have felt compelled enough to tell us how much they have enjoyed it.

The piece will be up for a while longer in it’s episode format so if you have watched and enjoyed, please do pass the links on to as many people as possible. (all episodes available below)

Next step – a full edit and some proper screenings – This time we’ll be watching alongside the audience…!
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