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We are thrilled to announce we finally have dates for the premiere screenings of our first feature-length film…

Diary Of A Madman chronicles the life of Poprishkin, a low ranking and deluded civil servant with ideas above his station, whose gradual decline into madness is both absurdly funny and heartbreakingly tragic.

Adapted from the short story by the Russian writer Nicholai Gogol, this beautifully filmed and stunningly performed portrait of one man’s journey into insanity is intimate, authentic and ultimately very moving.

First off, will be four screenings at WORK Gallery, (10A Acton Street, Kings Cross, LONDON WC1X 9NG) on Saturday 19th March, showing at 11.30AM, 2.30PM, 4.30PM and 7.30PM. (Seating is restricted so it’s best to RSVP us on or text 07973 162087.)

THEN, we will be screening the film at the Exeter Phoenix’s  superdooper new digital cinema, Studio 74 on Tuesday 22nd March at 7.30pm followed by a Q&A.

If you can make either of these days, we’d love you to come along…

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