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Vikingerne kommer…!! (The Vikings are Coming)

A HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported our Crowdfunder Campaign. It has been really successful, hitting and then going over the target by the deadline. We are now hard at work getting everything together for the shoot which is creeping ever nearer! so much to do…

The Vikings, although seen mostly silhouetted against the sky, still need to be kitted out in as authentic a costume as possible. As they feature in the dream/nightmare sequences we decided we’d like them to look a little more ‘magical’ than your usual helmet and horns imagery. So, inspired by the incredible work of our friend the artist Barbara Keal who makes beautiful sculptural headwear out of felt, we have been hard at work fashioning these Viking headdresses using fleeces from our farmer neighbour. With a lot of help and the lending of tools from the lovely Roz Barker – it’s been a time consuming but enjoyable process! Here’s a photo of the first one to be finished.


A bit rough and ready but will hopefully do a good job. It’s made me appreciate even more the incredible skill and hours of work that go into Barbara’s beautiful pieces – take a look at her website and be transported!!

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