We make darkly comic and beautifully colourful original dramas that have been winning acclaim at International Film Festivals…

 Short Films

AnnaMade with a Bursary from Exeter Phoenix Digital and a Crowdfunder campaign, A Penny For Them had it’s premiere screening at the 2 Short Nights Festival before going on to screen at a number of International Festivals around the world. ’An uptight English businessman is troubled by reoccurring nightmares of endlessly running for his life. He goes to see a Skandinavian sleep specialist who hypnotises him in an attempt to get to the root of his problem. What she discovers takes them both on a journey of unexpected consequence…’  Click Here To See Film 

The Nature of Angrove –  This 23 min ‘gloriously colourful and curious tale of magic, martinis and maternal meddling…’ was first seen at the Exeter Phoenix before being screened at a number of International Film Festivals including the Portobello Film Festival, Cornwall Film Festival, Chagford Film Festival and Exeter’s 2 Short Nights .  Click Here To See Film

Mrs Lustleigh’s Fancies was made with a Bursary Award from Exeter Phoenix Digital.   This ‘darkly comic and fabulously grotesque tale of greed, curiosity and fatal attraction…’ was awarded ‘Best Film’ on it’s premier screening at the 2 Short Nights Festival.  It went on to screen at numerous Festivals in UK and Europe, and was shortlisted for ‘Best Film’ in the ‘Made in Kernow’ section at the Cornwall Film Festival.  Click here to see film.

Oddbodies’ first film was the beautiful experimental fairytale Black Hen. Shot on 8mm and mixing live action with stop-frame animation, this 10 min short  was screened at Festivals around the UK including the Portobello Film Festival, Exploding Cinema, The Lux in Hoxton Square, and was shown in a number of galleries including the group show ‘Pause’ at the Phoenix, Brighton.  Click here to see film.

The Fat Lady Dances On The Head Of A Pin was made with a Bursary from Exeter Phoenix Digital. This project first introduced Oddbodies to the world of blue screen, pixillation and Final Cut. Premiered at the  Animated Exeter Festival, the 6min short went on to be screened at UK festivals and galleries including Girls On Film, Barton Hill Animation Festival ,View From Here and 2 Short Nights. Click here to see film.

Diary of A Madman is our first feature length film. It tells the story of Poprishkin, a low ranking and deluded civil servant with ideas above his station, whose gradual decline into madness is both absurdly funny and heartbreakingly tragic.

Adapted from the short story by the Russian writer Nicholai Gogol, the film is made up of 20 individual diary entries, each one shot in a continuous take and lasting between 40 seconds and 7 minutes – An incredible challenge for both actor and cameraman. The diary entries are intercut with handmade drypoint animation and soundscape. The result is a beautifully shot and stunningly performed portrait of one man’s journey into insanity. Intimate, authentic and ultimately very moving…

Premiered at the Cornwall Film Festival the film has gone on to be screened at a number of other venues including WORK Gallery, London and Studio 74, Exeter.  It is now available to watch online – Click HERE .spoon